Nintendo Wii U Specs Official

Nintendo Wii U specs

Nintendo has used E3 to provide us with the official Nintendo Wii U specs and they are pretty much in line with what we expected, including changes to the Wii U Gamepad. Pricing for the Wii U is still not available. Customers who buy the Wii U, will be able to choose between black or [...]

Nintendo Wii U Gamepad Sees Expected Changes

Wii U controller update

Nintendo today took the wraps off the official Nintendo Wii U Gamepad.  The leaked photo of the new GamePad a few weeks back was indeed the new controller. The  new controller shows  a square recessed button that appears next to the power button. Also, on the right hand side of the controller, there are two [...]

Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller Announced at E3

Nintendo Wii U Pro controller

Nintendo threw us a curveball at E3, introducing a second and completely new controller. If the Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller looks familiar, that’s probably because it is similar to what we’ve come to expect from other gaming systems including Playstation 3 and even more so the Xbox 360 controller. On the face you have [...]

Leaked photo shows revised Wii U controller

Wii U controller

If the image below is to be believed, it appears that Nintendo has made a change to the Wii U controller in advance of the release. The photo was leaked by @MATTYBOOSH, who is a tester at Traveller’s Tale Games. So what’s changed in the new controller. The most obvious has to be the use [...]

GameStop sets up Wii U preorder notification page

Wii U at GameStop

We know that you’d like to, but it’s not possible yet to preorder your Wii U. However, that time is coming soon and GameStop has setup a notification page for the big day. Think of this as preorder a preorder. As we mentioned previously, it wouldn’t be surprising to see preorders sell out, so you’ll [...]

Walmart Sets Wii U Price at $350

Wii U Price

If you were hoping for a sub-$200 price point for the Wii U, that might not be the case if a recent ad run by Walmart is any indication. Spotted on Google, Walmart was running an ad for the Wii U. They have the Wii U price set at an astounding $350. Now we fully [...]

How to preorder a Nintendo Wii U

Preorder a Nintendo Wii U

In the coming months, we fully expect an announcement from Nintendo with the release date of the Nintendo Wii U gaming system. Along with a release date, we’ll also get news of what accessories are included and the price you can expect to pay for their latest and greatest next gen gaming system. While the [...]

Welcome Members

We are pleased to announce that we have acquired and welcome those of you who were members at their forums. Here at Wii U Community, we hope that you’ll find a new home for chatting about everything Wii U. You should be able to use your existing username and password to login to your [...]

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